Renovation Exploration Tour

Samuel Dale House, Franklin PA

The Renovation Exploration Tour planned for May 2 has been cancelled. We hope to reschedule it for a new date in 2021. New owners of the Samuel H. Dale House, Bob Sagnol and Molly Stahlman have graciously agreed to open their home for the Tour. The house has garnered much interest as it returns to its former glory. Bob and Molly want to share the journey of old house restoration with the public. Our members will receive a substantial discount on tickets for the tour.

Keep the Momentum Going!

Make a donation during the BBCF Week of Giving, March 16 -20

Progress on restoring the Old Lutheran Church Tower

We are making great strides in restoring the a Old Lutheran Church.  But  we need your support to keep it going.  Please consider making a  donation during the BBCF Week of Giving, March 16-20.  All donations will be used  to help finish the Tower restoration.  Donate here:

To date, Franklin Preservation has removed the stained glass windows from the front of the building.  They are being re-glazed, re-framed and painted. We began work on the Tower in July of 2019. This work included removing and replacing rotten corner boards, sills and siding with new structural material. Using old photos of the building, the architectural detailing will be recreated to match the original using updated materials. A new stoop, stone masonry, stairs and handrails are planned. The front doors will be refurbished and painted and given new hardware. There will be a new railing at the top of the Tower.  Franklin Preservation hopes to recreate the original “Bell Tower” roof from 1886. We have received a matching City of Franklin historic preservation grant to help accomplish some of these items.  In addition, we received a matching grant from the Pennsylvania Historic and Museum Commission that will allow us to begin the replacement of the roof and add a gutter system on the Church portion of the building. 

Week of Giving Donations will support Church Tower Restoration!

Franklin Preservation plans to start work on the restoration of the Church Tower this summer! You can help us raise $10,000 for this project by donating during the Bridge Builders Community Foundation Week of Giving when your donation will go further since it will be partially matched. Donate here March 18th to 22nd: